Nestle Assessment Centre


Hi everyone! Anyone there with experience at Nestle assessment days? I got invited to one this week. It’s really difficult to find any infomation as to what to expect. Any advice would be extremely appreciated.



Is this the York assessment day 27th/28th? I am just using the Nestle site as a guide as what to expect and reading the examples of the tasks on this website.


Hi, would mind sharing your interview experience with me?
I got a 45min telephone interview with Neatle professional.
But the only thing I know is it is going to be competency based.
I appriciate if u could tell me what you were asked. Thank you,


Thanks for the links Tony. I was rather looking for specific advice on Nestle AC.

Squidgy, the phone interview was really straightforward, prepare to expain why you want to work for Nestle, why on the chosen position, do good research on the company. In the second part of the interview there are competency based questions, but I can’t remember what exactly they asked. The girl I talked with was really friendly and relaxed, so not a stressful experience. Good luck!


oh sue, yes I’m going for that one as well. I guess I’ll see you there :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,
I have been invited to an Ass Centre with Nestle next week on Tuesday. I would appreciate any advice you could share with me about the exercises and experience you had there. I hope you all managed to get an offer from Nestle.
I wish you a very nice weekend. Thank you in advance for your help.

All the best to all of you.


hi Ice_Iguana, congrats on getting invited for the AC! Which programme are you applying to?

I did not get an offer from them last year, but its ok, since I got another job and the experience at the Nestle AC (and feedback from them) really helped me improve a couple of things.

Everyone was really nice and supportive during the day, so nothing to worry about.
I guess it depends on which programme you’re applying to, but at the HR AC they’re particularly looking for sympathazing with others and taking their opinions into consideration (e.g. during the role play and group excercise). This is where I failed, so make sure you remember about it.

The interview was ok, very much structured around competencies. I cant remember the exact questions, but there was definitely one on the biggest challenge and one about what type of challenges new legislation poses for HR departments.

I’ve just noticed on their website that the structure of the AC changed this year. Sorry, but I cant advise you on the presentation and decision making excercise…

Good luck!!!

(i think you sent me a PM? sorry but for some reason i cant read it in my inbox:S)


Hi Ice_Iguana

What programme did you apply to…? I applied but not heard


Hi Albertica,

Thank you for the prompt reply. For some reason my PM function does not always work properly. I guess things worked out well for you in your new job. In terms of the AC, do you remember any specific competency based questions? I believe their competency list is pretty standard, but any more information will be quite useful.

This year’s format is a lot different from what it used to be. I seriously doubt that anyone here can offer more information in order to avoid any surprises.

@ Peter:
Hi Peter, I have applied for the Sales Graduate position. After the application form, numerical/verbal test and YouTube clip, I received my invitation to the AC this week. I believe you could call them to check the progress of your application. They seem to be really friendly, so you should be able to get at least some information about their deadlines for decisions. What stage have you reached?
Thank you both


Hi Ice_Iguana

I have been selected for theonline tests. Can you advse what these are like and provide any tips?


I just took them. There’s one numerical and one verbal. The numerical test consists of eight “testlets”. Each testlet contains graphs/charts and you have three minutes to answer four multiple choice questions. They’re not very hard, just %change, ratios etc. GCSE maths should be enough. The verbal test had the same structure: 8 testlets each with four questions to be answered in 3 minutes. They display a piece of text then ask questions about it such as: which of the following contradicts the text, which of the following is true from the text, etc. The only difference between this and the other ones is that there were a few questions where a word in the text was underlined and you had to chose an appropriate replacement. The time pressure on the verbal test I found challenging. Hope this helps.

Does anyone know the brief for the Youtube clip? and what they’re looking for in it?