Nestle Assessment Centre 2016



Hi, I have an assessment centre coming up for Nestle. I can’t seem to find much information online about it, has anyone been to one before? What sort of tasks were you asked to do? Were there any interviews? Any help would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:


How was the assessment centre I have one coming up?


Hey! So, there’s an interview in which half of it is about your motivation for nestle and area and the other half is strengths based. There’s also an individual presentation, in which you have about around 45 mins to prepare (I think but I’m not entirely sure! I can’t remember!) and you present in front of 2 assessors. There’s also a group exercise, which is quite easy.

One tip would be that you’re always being assessed even during lunch, when you’re being taken to the interview room by the assessor, etc, so remember all the time it is a strengths based AC so if they don’t see lots of energy and enthusiasm and positive body language during every task and every moment of the day they will assume that you’re not enjoying yourself and hence you are not using your strengths and hence Nestle is not the place for you. I personally did not get through because I had never really been to a strengths based AC so didn’t really know how to behave to get through to the next stage.

But everyone is really friendly and they really want you to be relaxed so you do the best you can. And they give you a phone call to go through feedback and you can ask them questions, whether or not you get through. Good luck!!


Hello, Can someone tells me about nestle assessment centre on engineering graduate… I would like know about The presentation, and tray exercise, Thank you


has anyone done the video interview?.. any tips? i applied for supply chain…


Hello. I was wondering if there were any numerical tests during the assessment centre? or anything to prepare for in particular. Thanks!


ar u also doing the test dis year


Hi, Please can anyone let me know how long it took to receive an invite to video interview from taking the SJ and numerical test? I’m aware I’ve passed both tests but have been waiting nearly two weeks now for an update. Any updates would be really appreciated. Thanks!


Hi I was wondering what the SJ and numerical tests were like ?
Were they SHL style or much harder ? Also what sort of questions did you get for the video interview ?

Thanks a lot !