Need Urgent advice please


I need to make up my mind by tomorrow (today in 8hrs).

Ok well I started Uni on the Finance, Accounting and Management course however I have found specifically the maths module extremely complex and am not sure if I will be able to cope with the QM2A Maths module I have this year even though it will be the last Maths module I’ll have to take.

I have been told I can transfer onto the Management Studies course if I want to which is a more broader degree and gives you a taste of everything instead of just being Finance focused. However I know I want work in accounts so I’m not sure how transfering to a non finance course will affect my chances of getting into a big 4 firm.

Also another bonus of Management Studies for me personally is that theres not as much group work. I can work in groups fine however last year on my Finance degree 3 modules required it and I do find it frustrating having to rely on others and much prefer to study for an exam and ace it myself.

So basically on this info should I stick with Finance, Accouting and Management or switch to direct Management studies which will be more suited to my strengths. I’m confident I can get a 2:1 in FAM however I think I may be able to sneak a 1st in Management as last year in all the Management mods last year I achieved over 70% in all 3.

Thanks for any suggestions.

p.s. I’m planning to discuss it with my personal tutor however I find them useless sometimes because the appointment lasts for just 7mins and they dont appear to care about whatever i do.


Are you at Notts by any chance? Management studies is known for being a bit easier, but ultimately, you’ll have to do some maths modules. The degree you do has no bearing on whether a big 4 will accept you. Take the course you’ll find more enjoyable/ be able to get a 2.i in.