Need to get out of!!!!


Hi guys,

I recently joined Pwc Audit on the school leavers program,right before i applied I was under the assumption that I could always change to consulting after a year or two…I never really wanted to do Audit but thought it would be vital to have audit as a base before i make a move to consulting…well after 4 weeks in the firm it doesn’t look like it and its either I have to spend my next 4 years in a career that just doesn’t suit me or I will have to leave PwC.

Well this is where the problems get deeper

I don’t have a degree as I was too naive and always thought I will be an accountant and didn’t see the need…I will like to end up at MBB(who wouldn’t)…would like any input into the transitions below regarding which one is more feasible looking at my situation and if any one has another opinion on a better route,I will like to know.Going back to get a degree isn’t an option(way too old for that).

1.Finish Audit training contract(4 yrs with ACA)-top MBA-MBB

2.Leave Audit now-Start new training contract at Deloitte(4 years with CIMA)-Top MBA-MBB

3.Leave Pwc Audit to PwC consulting-Top MBA-MBB

I will really like further input to any other available transitions i could take.Thank you.


Hi, As part of your comparison, talk it through with Pwc Audit if you feel comfortable doing that and it won’t affect your current position, you never know what opportunities or advise might arise!


Hi moiosafo,

Option 2 and 3 look good to me. Though seconding Melanie’s comment above, I’d try with option 3 first by discussing with your dedicated contact at PwC (this could be your buddy/mentor/manager you met during the school leaver program) and genuinely/respectfully share your passion (to move into consulting practice) and learn the process to move across.

Option 2 equally works if you already have had an offer with Deloitte and immediately starts your consulting career. FYI, Deloitte is currently rated as the most prestigious consulting firm in the Big 4 (by so definitely a good place to go.

Management Consultant (EY)