Need some Helps on answering the application form question of EY PLEASE!!!!


Hi everyone,

i got a question about filling the application form of EY.

i got through to the AC of EY last year but unfortunately i didnt get the job.
Just want some suggestions about filling the questions in the application form for this year, do you think i could re-use my answers as last year or i need to write something new for this year’s application form (seems some of the questions are the same as last year’s)?

thank you very much for your helps!!!


i copied and pasted my answers for kpmg’s app form last year and got offered a position, so if ey are the same, don’t think it matters too much. most applicants are gonna be writing near enough the same thing anyway!


thank you very much!


To be honest, I highly doubt they would notice. I certainly wouldn’t have any reservations about employing the old cut and paste. It’s not exactly cheating, you wrote the answer in the first place and therefore have every right to use it again.