Need some help with SHL inductive reasoning test, will pay for help



I have passed the first stage with a company i really want to work for, and they have sent me a verbal reasoning test (which I am fine with) and an inductive reasoning test which I am not so good with.

I have taken inductive reasoning tests before, but always fall slightly short in passing with a good mark.

I would be really grateful if someone could give me an hour of their time over msn/facebook and give me some tips with the test, ill even be willing to pay them for their trouble.

I am hoping the person has successfull experience with these tests.

Looking forward to your replies

thanks in advance



I have also passed through to online test stage, the company gave me a link for practice exams you might find useful. Plus, I google the tests and find several free practice versions on websites, just trying again and again and I’ve been getting better and more comfortable with the Inductive Reasoning tests.

Good luck!


These tests are ridiculous!! For those having issues with them (in particular SHL, Kenexa, Elements and Saville)- feel free to get in touch at the address I’ve setup for test assistance- jstestcompletions@