NeEd SoMe HELP - UrGeNt - "Capital Market Daily"


Hi everyone

I’ve got an interview for an internship position with Capital Market Daily a financial markets services company. I’ve been on there web site but cant get much info apart from a lot of statistical data.

The internship focuses on ‘Structured Products and possibly also Money Markets’. Although I feel I have good knowledge within these areas, there is a lot of depth to these topics. Could anyone suggest any possible questions which may be asked regarding these areas which the internship focuses upon?

Furthermore has anyone had any experience or further knowledge of this company and its interview process?

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These are quite different areas. A structured product is a derivatives based product which combines several derivatives together to provide a very specific risk/reward ratio, against very particular risks (e.g. you say you want to bet Lidl does better than ASDA this year, and bet on that, but want to hedge against the whole food market declining). You’ll find more here:

Money markets is a totally different kettle of fish. If you’re intereted in this the best thing to do is to understand futures contracts for currency and understand how banks lend to each other on international markets. You probably also want to have a pretty good idea of how the [[credit crunch]] came about.


Incidently, have you had your interview yet? If so, how did it go?




Certain employers take advantage of interns; offering the minimum remuneration (complete minimum) whilst offering slim-to-no chance of full employment. This is undoubtedly a gamble which every intern must take and in such a case the balance between worthwhile activity and not is struck via the support and development made available through the term. Certain employers have simply become lazy with their interns (possible because they take on so many on a rolling basis). You may be expected to work with minimal feedback and structure whilst buying your own lunch. Expect to take out whatever experience you can embellish for the CV and not much else.