Need some advise on the type of jobs I can apply and save everybody sometime



Bachelors in Computer Science and Engg. 2008 Non UK

Masters, MA International Business in Jan 2012. UK

Working at a retail assistant role, wanted to switch careers, studied ACCA and have been ever since. 3 professional papers left out of 5 with PER (the ACCA 3 year work experience requirement) not filled up always looming in the horizon. :confused:

Never have been very confident in facing the UK job market together with my non EU background and jagged career pathway, It’s not at its finest. Hasn’t been for a good few years now.

Am I even considered among the companies at the age of 31? Is my profile still an asset? Am I still eligible to have a decent paying job and look up property ladder and stuff?

Part rant, part depression and part frustration. Sorry. :frowning:
Good Tuesday morning to y’all. :slight_smile: