Need some advice people - Futures/Derivative trading


Since graduating this year I’ve been looking for a job within Futures/Derivative trading, however it has ultimately be difficult given the way things are going, hence, I have tried to take advantage of the markets situation with increasing the proficiency of my skill net, gaining my IMC certificate, pursuing an advanced Excel VBA course, accompanied with sharpening up my Spanish language skills.

Furthermore I’ve been applying for grad and internship roles where I am past the numerical stage for some, e.g. UBS, Deutshe Bank, etc.

However I have been accepted to work within accounts, giving me the opportunity of qualifying as an ACCA of CA, (immediate start) and also been offered a job with Fidelity, within their call operative centre learning about their investments and funds and effectively selling this to new clients.

My question thus is, would not a CFA qualification rather than a CA/ACCA be more relevant for the industry and position which I am pursuing for.

I am also planning do embark on my MSc International Securities, Investment and Banking at Reading university ICMA centre next year 2009. Thus if I planned to go down the ACCA/CA route, I would hopefully become at least part qualified before starting my masters.

Would there also be any negative aspects from training as an ACCA/CA then trying to break into the sector of my preference, because the last thing I want to show is that I don’t have a passion/enthusiasm for what I want to do.

And what do you guys think of the Fidelity proposal; effectively it’s a call centre job for 6 months, responding to Independent Financial Advisers and direct clients, learning about Fidelity’s products and assisting within online queries.

Appreciate your time for reading this essay, where i welcome your advice

Many Thanks


I think either is pretty fair- if someone will sponsor you [[CFA]] training then take it- you’re right, it’s more relevant to [[trading]] in general. However, [[ACA]] is extremely desirable (and challenging) too and is not to be snuffed at. Remember, an [[ACA]] can get you a job in any market climate, in any country- you’ll be well paid for the rest of your life, no matter what happens.

Remember, you can always quit your training and join a bank at any time. I think any accounting experience will be way more useful and respected than working in a call centre, even if it is in [[Fidelity]].