Need some advice (cfa)!


Hi everyone

Ive been working as an account assistant since i graduated in 2008 as way to get some experience whilst applying for other roles in banking but with NO LUCK.

Im thinking to complete a self study course of CFA level 1 at the BPP.

Frstly how usefull is the CFA in this climate, would it be better to do a MSc in Finance?.

Really appreciate your comments.


[[CFA]] is super useful. It is very difficult and can be quite expensive to train for. It will definitely be a lot more useful and practical than an MSc in Finance. That said, it is normal for companies to sponsor you through [[CFA]] while you are working for them, rather than for you to study it in your own time.

That said, given this climate, I’m certain such a qualification (or even part of a qualification) would help you massively when seeking positions in the banking sector.

It is worth pointing out that with a [[CFA]] you may be able to skip ‘grad schemes’ and join elsewhere amongst a more experienced peer group.



i am currently in an graduate scheme in an oil company.I graduated in 2008 and always wanted to work in finance…investment banking…etc.Though dont have anything else to sell except aptitude…that also when tested.

I am planning to give cfa level 1 this december.
Can anyone suggest if cfa level 1 would be helpful for getting into any investment banks atleast graduate analyst positions…?

any advice would be really helpful…