Need more firms to apply too


Ive recenlty been rejected from another firm after reaching the assesment day.Having failed some numerical and verbal reasoning tests and having 3 applications waiting to hear back on was wondering if anyone has any ideas regarding smaller firms i can apply to or how to start studying for acca by myself?


You’d have to say which firms you’ve already applied to, however you may find the smaller firms fill up quicker because they have less vacancies. I basically went through this list - - looking for firms to apply for, although I got PwC in the end.


If you want to start studying you need to regsiter with acca and pay the joiners fee

then either go to classes at kaplan, bpp etc. or study via distance learning


ive already gone throught the top 50 on the list.have applied to all of the top 10 but not really got anywhere.also i kind of want to stay in the south of england which means there is a lot of firms i cant apply to. regarding acca i thought u need to have experience to complete it is that true?


Why limit yourself to the top 10?


in the current climate you have to apply everywhere

yes you need experience but you can start it yourself