Need help with SHL Inductive Reasoning Test


Hello, I need to complete an inductive reasoning test soon and I would like assistance.

I have not taken one before and I need someone who can help me. Please contact me if you available to assist me in completing this exam.

I must do this within the next few days so please let me know quick.


Hi zeitgeist

Take a look at this, might be just what you’re after :slight_smile:


hey, try graduatemonkey. They have tutorial videos on every possible type of inductive sequences so you learn how to solve them yourself.


I agree with brian.t2. Try graduatemonkey. Graduate monkey have lots of tutorial video illustrations on how inductive reasoning sequences develop. I have not seen anything like it on assesment day or others


By inductive, if you mean sequences of shapes and symbols, then I think graduatemonkey is most effective. They provide animated illustrations on how the sequences develop and categorise them in a useful way


does anyone know how to access the graduatemonkey’s tutorials? I just bought a bundle, but I have no idea where to find it. I tried clicking on the aptitude test tutorial tab, but I still can not find it :frowning:


Hi Rubyluk. If you send me a private message, I’ll help out.


It is best if you practice and prepare yourself because there is likely to be a re-test. Recommend graduatemonkey for your successful inductive/logical test preparation