Need help with contract questions - graduate scheme


Hello guys and girls

i have some very simple questions and need you expertise on this. So, i just got an offer from a very good IB for joining their 2 year graduate scheme. Its a very good opportunity and they sent me the contract which will be here in a couple of days. My questions are:

  1. Because i have a summer placement on a local company i might be offered a job there with higher salary than the IB. But i will have signed and sent them the contract by then. Is it legally OK to tell them i will be unable to follow our contract or i may have legal consequences?

  2. Lets say i accept their 2 year program and after 6 months i decide to leave the company. Can they penalize me with any kind of legal action or are we free to resign any time we want?

  3. How flexible are those contracts that graduate schemes offer? Should i be looking for any traps? Any details that might bite me in the ass if i dont check them?

Thats all mates, i really need your help on this…i would be obliged. This forum rules.


Can some defer his position at a graduate scheme for the next year? Is it common practise or not?


When you want answer u post like mad but when its time to help noone does…i see


Amazing how immature youve became because nobody answered your question in a few days, gently bumping the thread and asking politely for an answer might have helped. Spamming all the other threads is ridiculously childish. Acting like that will be remembered and you’ll likely find very little help being offered to you in future.

As for your questions, theyve been covered in numerous other threads, go have a look instead of having a go at everyone else for not helping you.