Hey guys,

Any advise would be extremely appreciated. I have just been kicked out by KPMG due to the online test (so shameful). This was due to the fact that I do not practice and assume that practice test of KPMG would be as simple as any sample they gave me earlier. However, I am under extremely pressure of time and turn out that I finish every questions but full of incorrect answers. Instead of making it right, I am racing with time and finally I received the email that I can not move on the next stage. It was such a pity since I prepare the application and interview part carefully. I decide to practice so hard before sending any other applications.
Please give me some advise on how to do the test and most importantly, share me a link of verbal/ numerical practice test that help me to get familiar.

wish you all a nice day!


P.S: as an international student, verbal seems to be not easy for me and I need to practice on this type so hard. Any link would be extremely helpful. I do not want to be unprepared and fail to get into the next stage.


Seach SHL verbal and numberical test. KPMG test is normally more difficult than others.


Hey guys,

I would like to make this post a collection of all free practice test online (web links, of course). I know some guys had very useful source (terry1986, chrism with self designed practice test) such as efinance (3 sample test, difficult level is 60-80% compared to KPMG), SHL ( much simpler), Kent Uni…

Make this post the sharing of all links for online test, what u guys think?


That sucks. You can certainly improve your performance though, if you practice. Those are all good links you’ve mentioned. I suggest you to try our own practice tests too.


Yeah the [[numerical reasoning]] tests are really challenging, especially for a non maths graduate. We can help with any questions here - I have a math based degree.

The important thing on those tests is NOT to race through them. Correct exam technique is really important. You must work out how long you have for each question and spend only that amount of time on it- so if you have 60 seconds for a question, spend as much time as you need out of that before moving on- don’t race to try and finish or you will make careless mistakes. ‘’‘The answer choices include common mistakes to fool you.’’’ You must be very careful when answering the questions.

Also [[verbal reasoning]] tests are a lot more difficult if English is not your first language- they require you to pick out fine and subtle differences in what is being said.