Need help on PwC application questions


I am currently writing my application form for PwC. (Assurance). With regards to this question, when writing about the assurance service, do I need to talk about the assurance in general or do I need to write about the specifics such as internal audit?

Please provide us with your understanding of the services offered by the firm and in particular, the work undertaken in your chosen line of service (maximum 150 words).*



Hi Risktaker,

Remember you only have 150 words in which to describe this. All they are really looking for at this point is for you to be able to show a general understanding of PwC as a business and what types of services are provided within the Assurance sector. If you search around on PwC’s website you will find loads of information.
Try and give a couple of examples of services offered and then why they offer assurance services to companies and by what means do they do it. When I did mine, I devoted about 50 words to PwC as a whole and 100 to Assurance.
Remember, if you are at uni or have graduated at any time, you can still use the careers service at your university or possibly ne closer to where you live. It is definitely worth getting your application answers checked by them as they know what PwC are looking for.
I honestly wouldn’t worry about writing a masterpiece, as long as it is grammatically accurate and shows you have a basic understanding of the company, if they invite you for an interview, they will definitely ask you about Assurance in more detail. So make sure you have done your research on all areas as there are loads!

Hope this helps!


Thank you for your reply. I have one more question, if you do not mind me asking. With regards to employment section, when you need to write about the main skills acquired. Do you just list the skills that you think you have gained? Thanks.


I personally wrote a bit for each job about what my role was and how it allowed me to acquire certain skills etc. That way you are giving them an insight into what you were doing. I think it also looks better than just listing communication, time management etc. Just comprehensive sentences that will allow you to demonstrate your skills and that you can expand on in an interview if necessary.

Hope that helps?


Definitely! Thank you so much for your help!!


No problem, out of interest what office are you applying to? Is it for a grad position or interview?