Need help on CV tailored to Financial industry


Hello, guys, this is my threat here in wikijob. I was going to put this thread in the CV forum however we have not got many guys in that forum.

I just want to know what is a Financial industry tailored CV like? Is it different from normal CV styles, one of which, for example, is as below:

Name and Adress

Profile (brief introduction of yourself and career objectives)


Work/Professional Experience

Specific Skills



OR actually a financial-industry tailored CV is completely different from this style? For example, bankers may prefer the American style (One page CV) which only includes your Name and Address, education, professional experience, specific skills and/or interests?

I am currently working on my CV and I am wondering if I post my CV here will you guys critique on it therefore I can suggest honest opinions?

Genuine appreciation and thanks for your help in advance!!


Upload your cv on then share the link here = most effective way to get feedbacks


Hi wisdom, Thanks for your reply. I will upload my cv there and share the link here.

Do you mean once I share the link of my cv here, people would be able to give me feedbacks?