Need Help! Next Week Accenture Assessment Center (Client Delivery Graduate Programme)


Hello everyone!

I am going to have the Accenture assessment center (Client Delivery Programme) next week!

This is my first time to attend an assessment center, and Accenture is my dream company!! I’d really really appreciate it if someone had attended this before could give more information on how to prepare the group exercise!!!

Also, if anyone will attend the AC on Nov 26th as well, just PM me! I think it would be better if we know each other as a team!

Best wishes for everyone!


Hi! I have just been invited to this assessment centre as well and it’s my first time too. :slight_smile:

I have found some useful information on this thread that might help:


Hello Brianna! Thank you for your reply!! The link is really useful! Many thanks! Is your AC next week?