Need advice - Would be much appreciated.


Hey guys,

Basically, I need to know if the big4 will ever consider me with my A level results. I have 220 UCAS points :frowning: and most of their requirements are 300+.

What I do have is a first in my degree at the moment. I still have 2 year to go but im going to be working all the time, hopefully get a first to make up the A level grades. I kind of learnt my lesson, so im just going to no life my undergrad.

In my first year i did an internship for Horwath International in Dubai in the audit department. Im going to be applying for internships for 2nd year, possibly just do it with Horwath again if i dont get onto any of the big4 schemes. Further to that, Im also on the committee for the accounting and finance society at my uni.

Do you think getting a first overall, and having a little experience would help me at all? or am i doomed when it comes to the big4.

Thanks for your time.



I can’t really say whether you are doomed with regards to the big 4. But you are doing all the right things in terms of trying to make up for your A-levels. Which is good to see!
The problem that the Big 4 will have is that A-level grades are actually a very good indicator of how well you will do on the professional qualification exams. As you are still only just starting your 2nd year (?) I’d go along to any graduate career fairs at your uni or nearby and have a chat with the recruiters there and explain your situation they will be able to tell you how you stand.
good luck.


Thanks for your reply. I called up PWC and the person i spoke to said that I wouldn’t bother applying because A level is a mandatory requirement to apply to the big4.

I am currently thinking of retaking a whole A level while I’m at Uni. I know a lot of companies ask for your grades at first sitting but I’m confident I can get an A if I take one. This will make my CV much stronger. What I’m not sure of is that If they ask for grades at first sitting then is there actually any point in doing something extra while im doing my undergrad.


Instead of re-taking an A level why don’t you try taking a new one and get your A grade first time. I have known a lot of people do a completely new A level in one year. Chose a subject that you are really intereseted in and and that is not too difficult to get a top mark in! You could find you really enjoy it.


My apologies, I meant taking a new A level altogether. I was looking at the spec for Accounting and I noticed all the modules I’ve already done in 1 year. I’m really considering taking this or Business because I know I will really enjoy it. The only problem I see is that If i take accounting and my uni degree is accounting and finance, they might say he just took it because hes already doing it.

What’s your opinion on accounting as an A level if im already doing Accounting as my degree.

Many thanks


I cannot comment with any authority on this but my common sense suggests that surely a lot of A level accountancy candidates go on to read Accountancy at university. So in that respect having A level accountancy would seem pretty normal. From a practical point of view it seems that it would be the route of least effort for you if there is overlap with your Uni subjects.
From a purely personal point of view don’t you feel inspired to try something quite different? Are you good at languages? Do you need an A grade. Won’t B give you enough points?


To be honest with you I would love to try out something new but fact is i also need to be realistic. I have one year to do a whole A level and i can’t take any risks and do something I have no knowledge in. Once in my third year, ill be applying for jobs.

Also, by doing accounting as an A level I think i can build on my foundations which will help me with this years work load.

If i get a B ill have 280 UCAS points which is what only some companies accept. If i can get an A, I can show the company that i get an interview with that i can not only manage my time properly but also cope with the hard work and pressure of doing an A level and undergrad.

I’d like to think im good with languages. I can fluently speak English, Urdu, Punjabi and Polish :slight_smile:


Sit Polish A level!


Im really considering doing a Busniess Studies A level now. Im just waiting for the 20th for one of my teachers to get exam details.


Just an update, im actually doing the business studies a level now. It will be my first sitting so some firms should in theory invite me for an interview.
I also made a new society at uni and now were managing a group of around 40 people. Ive also joined the comittee for a charity type society. I guess im taking all the steps i can at this stage. Thats all i can do.


All good, positive, pro-active actions,
You MADE a new society? What is it?