Need advice on this question : describ a time you worked in a team

Jaguar Land Rover


Hi there could you provide some examples for this question using the behaviour framework.


Effective Relationships

No matter who you are, you cannot deliver things in a large organisation on your own.
The building of relationships, both internal and external are key to this.
Do you:
• Seek out and develop strong working relationships?
• Act beyond the scope of your role for the good of the business?
• Openly share learning and skills across the business?

Strong Teams

You will be part of a team in your immediate department, but we are all part of the Jaguar Land Rover team.
Can you:
• Actively support and contribute to your team’s work?
• Help to create an open and trusting work environment?
• Engage with colleagues to meet business objectives?
• Embrace the benefits of working in a team of diverse skills and talents?

Efficient Delivery

Are you able to use a cost-efficient, quality-focused approach to deliver our business plan on time, within budget and to expected standards of quality.
Do you:
• Maintain a overarching focus on quality?
• Determine the most effective use of resources to deliver value for money?
• Structure and plan tasks effectively to deliver on time?