Need advice - International student - 1st class masters degree from top Dutch Uni - Is the system rigged?


Hey guys, need some advice. I come from a background where I feel I don’t fit in anywhere and keep hitting roadblocks regarding joining a top firm in either consulting or technology. Feels like the whole game is rigged :stuck_out_tongue:

A little bit of context:

I come from a Latin American country, but having a Dutch passport I decided to do my Bachelor (Business Administration) in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands I found my first roadblock: I could not enter straight into university because I didn’t have an International / European Baccalaureate (and my high school grades were quite average), so I had to do a “university of applied sciences”. After graduating from this university, I didn’t manage to secure a top Internship either due to the lack of prestige of my university (or my mental insecurity of having graduated from a university of applied sciences).

Anyways, after that I decided to work Spain for 2 years (in what I consider interesting positions which include leadership roles) in the digital marketing field.

I studied and I got accepted to do a MSc. at the Netherlands’s top business school: Rotterdam School of Management.

I’ve been doing great at uni, consistently scoring on the top 10% of my class, and on my way to graduating with what would be considered a 1st class degree. Besides that I have been very active at student associations and other extra curricular activities.

Now i am looking to apply to either a top consulting or technology firm. I don’t care where in the world, or what I have to do to get it.

I feel that everywhere they keep asking for (A-levels and grade B GCSE Maths …etc). If I can put on a good show right now, if I am having the right skills right NOW, why would my high school grades keep dragging me down.

My question is: Do these high school requirements matter? Or should graduating with a top degree from the top Dutch business school, and studying and aceing the Tests and Assessment Centers be enough?

Sorry for the long post, but I had to explain the whole situation to give context,