Need advice and help


Hi everyone,

I have recently graduated and applying for jobs. I am not familiar with the interview styles and questions asked in UK. I am going to give my first interview for an SME called LBI. Its a media and technology company. I have been told that a technical test (numerical reasoning) followed by an interview will be done at their London office. The position I applied for is Grad Analyst. I am just wondering how should I prepare for the interview? I am preparing for competency based questions offcourse but should I expect any technical questions related to the position I have applied for? Also, as it is not a big company and I am still unable to find significant information about the company. The only info I found was from company’s website and the case studies posted there. My concern is how would I find the information regarding competitors? Or how should I tackle this question if I ll be asked as I don’t know who the competitors are…??

Expert advice and help will be highly appreciated.

Thanks alot