Need a bit of help/insight/opinion (Local Gov CIPFA)


It is completely murder trying to get a grad job

With that said I applied to my local council (North Lanarkshire) for a position they advertised (Trainee Accountant) which would see me working towards CIPFA qualification
Now I’m not 100% sure that’s what I want to do, I THINK I’d rather do CIMA or ICAS, but again not sure. Any thoughts on this?

Anyway…the main point
I got past the first stage, now I got an email saying I’m invited to take part in a ‘technical exercise’:

"Instructions to Candidates

You will be provided with a background briefing on the type of technical problem you might encounter in the job. You will answer a number of questions on the briefing, outlining your appreciation of the issues involved in the presented situation and analysing data. This exercise is designed to measure your technical skills and your ability to analyse and interpret information and to express your findings clearly.

You will be given 45 minutes to complete this exercise."

So my worry is, is this going to be an accountancy problem?! If so I think I’m screwed because I haven’t done any actual accounts work in about 2 years seeing as I’m in my honours year, been ages since I did practical work, even then it was in a classroom.

Has anyone been to something similar? how technical is it likely to be?!



My advice would be to ring them and ask. To me it doesn’t sound like you’ll be preparing actual accounts, more like just analysing data and things like that. Better to be safe than sorry though!