Nationwide Vs PwC



I have offered from PwC for Risk Insurance and have started from the beginning of this September. However, I have received another offer from Nationwide HO in Swindon for the analyst role. I am confused which option I should go to.
For PwC: I do not like being accountant, I do not like the exam as well but I dont mind working hard to pass the exams. I have passed all the level of CFA exam and need experience to be qualified. However, the company’s training is good and the prospect that after you are qualified there will be wider career path for you.
For Nationwide: The role is technical, working with risk management. However, I have to commute about 50 minutes/day from my house to work. The career prospect is unsure and about networking, commercial awareness are not as good as at PwC.
I need to reply to Nationwide by Monday. Any help will be much appreciated.



Congrats on getting 2 offers! Have you checked whether you can qualify CFA with PwC? Because I think Risk Assurance may be a bit irrelevant.

From your post it sounds like you’ve already preferred PwC, so I think it’s best to stay there. The career prospect is good and not necessarily on the accounting track. Just one thing to consider: your next job (as an experienced hire) will depend on your past experience. Do you think your experience with RA can support the role?