nationwide builing society first round interview


hi guys i have a first interview with nationwide this week and i would love some pointer on what questions i will get asked. one of the questions may be 'how is the credit crunch/recession affecting nationwide?; any pointers for this? ps its for internal audit programme

all help and advice would be much appreciated

thanks guys


Hey midzlad I also have my first round interview this week and I think it’s for itnernal audit lol!! I can’t remember i sent my application form ages ago and it doesn’t say when you log back on where you have applied for?! or does it – can you help pleeease :slight_smile: !! Thanks


lol no i just checked mine i dont think it says which programme i applied for, what day is your interview?mines at northahmpton


Mine is too at Northampton Swindon! It’s on the 26th at 12 0 clock! You?


mines 26th too at 3 o clock, good luck mate


Ahhh Good Luck to you too !! Let me know how it goes after you have had it and I will do the same! I found out mine was Internal Audit too LOL ! Feel a bit silly not knowing what I applied for. Anyway will let you know how it goes. Good Luuuuuck !!


mine is at the same time as well, at northampton!


I don’t know why I put Northampton Swindon down LOL - mine is at Northampton!! Is yours at the same time as mine jy1w07


nah, mine is 3pm, same as the other guy :slight_smile:

I have to travel from southampton to northampton, 3 hours on the train!! Grr…


How did it go guys? Mine wasn’t bad at all !!


It was okay… Could have gone better though… Does anyone know when we’ll hear a reply?

I think I met midzlad :smiley:


Lol did you? The guy said to me within two weeks !! Grrr soo annoying coz if i get through this stage then i have to do my application centre and i head travelling on the 7th april so i hope they get back to me sooooon!!


I really hope I get through to the assessment centre; received my semester results today and I’m a bit pissed off with one unit which ruined my running average… So I need some good news!


hey Jason im sure you did fine how long did your interview last?mine i think went alright but cant be too sure because one or two of the questions i blagged a bit so we’ll see


Yo! Mine lasted about 45mins lol, how about yours? I did ask quite a few questions at the end though… Man, I took a black cab to nationwide which cost £10, on the return journey the receptionist ordered a cab for me… I walked out and it was a private mercedes cab and was like, oh crap this is going to be dear, but it turned out to be about £2 cheaper lol. Good luck with the outcome guys, let us know yeah?


Hey guys I didn’t get it BOO !! How did you all get on?


i didnt get through either!!! got the email yday oh well, where else can i apply? lol


Damn… Unlucky guys. I haven’t received anything yet, but I guess I’m going for the summer internship for penultimate years, so the application timeline may be different…


Awww well good luck I hope you get through to the next stage :slight_smile: ! I am sooo annoyed I didn’t get it but oh well !! I have an interview with HBOS soon - so you could probably apply there midzlad!!


hi guys i have an first round interview with nationwide next week in dre office , can you please let me know what type of q? were asked in the interview…

plz i m really nervous…

thanks in advance