National Grid Tel Interview

National Grid

Hi, I have a tel interview with national grid for their commercial

scheme. Can anyone offer any information?

Thanks in advance.


Missed this message in November - how did your interview go? Were you successful?!


Well I had an interview before Xmas, been waiting till now and still no news about my application. I checked on the website for my application status but it just said In Process/ Pre-Screen. Odd though cause I already got through to the telephone interview!


How did the interview go? What were some of the questions you got? Any help will be appreciated… Thanks


Hi~! Has anyone heard any feedback of their engineering graduate scheme? Thanks~!


same here~
I applied engneering grad scheme, my tel interview is at 28 Jan. Did you finished that?


Hope this helps. I had my interview sometime ago. Generally a pleasant experience. The interviewer sounded nice throughout which helps to keep you relaxed. The interview itself was less structured than others i’ve experienced. The interviewer seemed to be interested in what you were saying with a number of probing questions regarding things you may have just said. So u really ought to know what you are saying and dont try to bluff your way through. The probing helps to bring out points you may have missed in the competencies such as The specific results of your action and what you would do differently etc. Interview took about 40 minutes. I was encouraged to take time and think about my responses which was good.

------The interview questions were made up of a couple of expected general questions that all companies will ask-

Why did you apply to N.G.? (Probed further about your preparation for the interview itself and a couple of things about the sources used).

What info did you find about the operations of the company from your sources? (ie what do u know about the company)

-----And then 3 competency questions which you were allowed to skip and come back to. The competency questions based on those mentioned on the company’s website in the FAQ. In case you missed that its here
I think i was asked about three of them (I should warn you that as much as possible prepare for other questions that could be asked under these competencies):

Building Relationships - Leadership role in a team environment - Basically a time u worked in a team…

Business & Strategic Awareness - Describe a recent business magazine or book you read… I got confused with that. I’ll suggest u ask what they mean by a business magazine.

Developing Self or Planning to Achieve (Dont remember which it was)- A time when you developed/came up with a creative way of doing something or a creative solution…(Dont remember correctly)

-----And then questions for the interviewer.

NB: Again beware of the probing questions. Know ur responses inside out.
Hope someone finds this useful… But make sure you dont beat me to the job tho ok… lol


thank you so much kokojobs ~~

your information helped a lot.


Thanks kokojobs for the information. I am going to have the telephone interview on the first of February. I wish you all good luck with application process!


Hi kokojobs,

I am wondering if you got through with the telephone interview. If so, did you attend their assessment centre? I have one comingon the 9th of feb and all they’ve told me is that it would include “an interview, presentation, group exercises”. I called them up to ask if its going to be a competancy based interview or a technical one. They said we can only provide you with the same information as sent via email and nothing more.

If anyone else has attended the assessment centre, your feedback would be appreciated.



i’ve telephone interview later this week and i think this is very useful going forward.



albertolpt, how did you got on with the NG telephone interview.
kokojobs, did you get any info whatsoeva regarding the format for the assessment center?
All the best y’all and pls don’t 4get to share your experiences, whateva it might be


Hello ,

has any1 had a placement assessment for national grid for 1 year placement, (im assuming it would be similar to graduate)?

Tell me on what you did ur presentation on (how long was it?) and how long time they give u to prepare? The question they were asked during the interview etc,

i have an assessment coming up!


i’ve not heard anything since the telephone interview. sorry


Had my telephone interview today…kudos to kokojobs…basically was asked all that you mentioned in your posts and also a little about the business area in US. Told I would be contacted in 10 working days or maybe more due to the current backlog of candidates. Wish you all the best …
Can anyone who has been through the assesment centre give some feedback. It will be much appreciated.
Wish you all the best.


the candidates who have attended assesment centre can they share please their experience, I appreciate their effort if they can reply for this Thanks, Aziz


Hi Mate,

How was your interview and assessment center?..Hope you have done well… What kind of questions were asked in that interveiew?..Expecting a reply from you

Thanking you in advance


Hi Everyone,
I am due to attend the National Grid Foundation Engineering assessment centre in Warwich next week tuesday and am a bit nervous as i hav’nt been to an assessment centre before.I would highly appreciate it if anyone who has attended could please give me an idea of what question were asked in the interview and test.Thanks


Did my telephone interview today but it only took 25 minutes, does anybody know how long it takes for you to get the results?



How was the Assessment center?.What kind of question did they asked in the Assessment center?.There are group activities also…It will be great full if you could guide me who attended the Assessment center…