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I applied to National Grid’s engineering graduate scheme and passed the telephone interview stage. I have an assessment center coming on the 9th of feb and all they’ve told me is that it would include “an interview, presentation, group exercises”. I called them up to ask if its going to be a competancy based interview or a technical one. They said we can only provide you with the same information as sent via email and nothing more.

If anyone has attended their assessment centre, could you tell me what happened on the day? your feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you.



According to my invite the interview is behavoural/competancy based so doubt there will be any technical questions. They might bring some technical stuff into the group tasks but I think all the information needed for those is provided. I’m actually going on tues so will see u there. Good luck!



Hi Tom,

Thanks for the info. Saved me from preparing tons of technical stuff. Anyway I’ll see you tomorrow. All the best!


Do you know about the 4 competancies? I think they will assess you against them:

o Managing Oneself
o Planning to Achieve
o Working with Others
o Business Awareness

So prepare a few examples of times you demonstrated the first three. As for business awareness, I’m not expecting anything too deep. As you’ll probably know there’s heaps of info on their website, also the wikipedia pages provide good summaries.


That’s what they, sort of, mentioned in their email. Though when I called them up to ask whether its going to be a technical or a competancy based interview, they replied ‘we’re still not sure of it and it would be better if you prepare for them both’. And you’re right about their website, I was explicitly told to look into their website. I think that should be sufficient for the business and strategic awareness.


how was your assesment centre like?


Hi, I’ve got an AC coming but I am not sure if I want to work for NG.
What are your impressions? Is it a good company to work for?


Heyy everyone,

I have just received the Situational Judgement Questionnaire to complete and I was hoping to get some advice as how to go about it. I will be really grateful if anyone who went through it could enlighten me on this.

Thanks again…Much appreciated!



Did anyone apply for National Grid Entry level or Experienced hire position (Power System Engineer - System Technical Performance) in Warwick?.


Hi Everyone,
I am due to attend the National Grid Foundation Engineering assessment centre in Warwich next week tuesday and am a bit nervous as i hav’nt been to an assessment centre before.I would highly appreciate it if anyone who has attended could please give me an idea of what question were asked in the interview and test.Thanks


Hi Tom,Grounded7…!!!

How was the Assessment center?.What kind of question did they asked in the Assessment center?.There are group activities also…It will be great full if you could guide me who attended the Assessment center…




just be confident…and the competencies on their website will be treated…questions about NG will also be asked like how do we make profit who is the regulator, what are their challenges…for the group stage just try and show the ability to plan and get involved with others do not dominate or be dormant also listen to others while they speak and try and contribute ideas…it is a quite interesting excercise in the line of manufacturing…for the business case try and be fast cos you willl hav a lot to read within 90mins make sure you do all the cost calculations and make a good 10mins presentation also take into consideration health and safety and environmental conditions while making your decisions…try and make your jottings neat. I hope this helps.


Thanks a lot Tom for the information.



has anyone heard back from their assessment centre?

does anyone know how long it takes for them to reply back?!




Does anyone have any advise on the assesment center?

What tasks are there, any tips or what to prepare?

It will be much appreciated.



Hi David,

I applied for the same post. Had my first tele interview. It was kinda ok. After one month they changed the online status to second interview but havent got a call from them till now. How wuz it for you. Any idea what this second interview is all about??



Hi Vinny

How was your Situational Judgement Questionnaire. I am due one soon.




Please, can anybody tell me what the Situational Judgement Questionnaire is like?


Please, can anybody tell me what the Situational Judgement Questionnaire is like?


Think it’s about being put into a scenario and you explaining what you would do in this scenario, and how you would do it etc - but it’s multiple choice so not too taxing.

Have you done it yet?