National Grid Apprenticeship Assessment Centres

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Just after a bit of advice really. I’ve been going through the various stages of the NG apprenticeship recruitment and I’m due to learn if I’ve been successful for an assessment centre place by next week.

The site lists things to expect at the assessment centre and there’s one I’m a bit curious about. It’s listed as ‘technical test’. I’m not really sure what to expect or at what level. I don’t want people to list any questions etc. just what sort of area they may fall into. Obviously people who have been through the process would be most helpful.

As it’s targeted at youths and the minimum requirement is GCSE’s I’m guessing it won’t be too in depth, but will it be about electricity and power or will it be more general like maths and equations?

Any advice really appreciated as this is the only thing that is concerning me at the moment as I’m unable to sort of prepare anything for it. Cheers for any responses.

NOTE: This is for apprenticeship and not for graduate. I assume these will be different levels of technical tests.


I’m currently in the same boat as yourself, just waiting on to hear back to see if I’ve passed the short listing process.

Has anyone attended the national grid assessment centre for the apprenticeship scheme before and could they share there experiences here? Cheers.