National Grid Application HELP PLEASE!

National Grid

I applied for the National Grid engineer training programme just under two weeks ago and immediately after i sent the application, they sent me a situational judgement questionnaire which i completed. The next day i was sent an email saying i had successfully passed the SJT and that my application was under further consideration and they would contact me in due course. Since then i have heard nothing and I am worried that they may have rang me to try and carry out the telephone interview while I have been out and I have missed it. I would like to know if national grid send you an email in advance of the telephone interview to notify you of the time and date of the interview, or if they just call you out of the blue. Also, is two weeks without any contact meaning i have been unsuccessful? Cheers :slight_smile:


Hi Janmie

No. They normally send you an online link to book time for your telephoen interview.

I have mine next week. Do you have an idea of type of questions asked for the telephone interview.


Ah ok cheers. Erm im not entirely sure about the types of questions they ask. I think it is thinks such as; Why did you choose national grid?, What do you know about national grid? (research it first) and then things about yourself such as past achievements. How long did you have to wait between passing the SJT and getting your email to book your telephone interview? Because i hope that two weeks doest mean my application is unsuccessful. They said i passed the SJT so hopefully… Anyway Good Luck in the phone interview!


Do u think, we can explain properly on telephone??? Or do the interviewer satisfy with our answer??? and What happens if we don’t understand the interviewer pronunciation???