National Grid 2016 graduate programme

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I just received an email told that I passed the second stage of the application and under considering about the AC. Is anyone who passed into the AC stage, what time is this AC? I want to know whether I failed in this stage or not.
Also in this topic you can tell me what stage are you in : )
Lets help each other !
Hope Everyone can get a job !


Hey, It sounds like they are just waiting for everyone to finish the second stage. what programme have you applied to? I’ve been invited to do the video interview which is the 3rd stage of the process according to the email. Only after passing that will I be considered for AC. Well done by the way.


Its IT… about you dude


do you know how many they take this year also? mate


Has anyone else heard anything about when the assessment centre actually is? i know someone who has passed the video interview but heard nothing for ages now


Well i confirmed my place at the AC and then was told that they are no longer recruiting for this vacancy. Im absolutely FUMING!!! and gutted. I applied to their audit scheme. it was meant to be on the 16th.

best of luck to you though.