National Audit Office September 2010 Intake

National Audit Office

Hey, I am joining the National Audit Office in September 2010. I have accepted…is anyone else joining me?



Grats! Me too!

Did you get your contract through yet?


Congratulations to you both,

I’m also join in September!


Well done guys. I will also be joining the London office in September.

Have any of you found a facebook page or something where the intake grads can network already?



I am joining the London office from September and was also wondering if there’s a facebok group?


No Facebook group as of yet! Has anyone received any further info/mail from the NAO aside a copy of their contract?


Don’t worry…i’ll create one…just give me a little time. x


everyone join the group:

“NAO Graduate intake 2010”

Thank you all


Hi protein_master,

Thanks for creating the group! I was just going to ask if it would be possible to change the group name to ‘National Audit Office intake 2010’? I know it’s probably pedantic and silly of me, it’s just that when I searching for a facebook group (before I found this site!) I was typing in ‘National Audit Office’ as opposed to ‘NAO’ and I guess alot of people would do that aswell and might not come across the group unless they type ‘NAO’. Thank you, look forward to seeing you all in September! XxX


Hey guys, do you know whether our training contract salaries will be affected by the public sector pay freezes?


ok, changed. please join :slight_smile:


Hi, I tried to join the Facebook group a few days ago (before the name changed) but my membership hasn’t been approved. Do I need to submit another joining request as the group name has changed?


yeah I would probably try again, if it did not work the 1st time.


Hi guys,
How are you all doing regarding accommodation in London?

Is anyone looking for a houseshare as I think it is a much cheaper option if anyone is interested.



If you aren’t already in the Facebook group, join that- a few of us are also looking for houseshares.


The facebook group is down unfortunately! Has anyone received any joining information yet?


Hi all.

I’m joining the NAO in September as well - looking forward to meeting you all! I went in to the office yesterday to give them my degree certificate and was told that joining packs were sent out yesterday and so should be with us soon!

Would somebody be able to post on here when the facebook group is back up and running? I want to join but obviously can’t at the moment. Thanks!


CONGRATULATIONS guys!! am just applying for the 2011 intake and just finished filling in my application. after submission, it asks to complete numerical test. Is it difficult? do i need to practice? if so how? my degree is not numerical and so my maths is rusty. HELP!


It’s a standard SHL test. You can find practices online. It’s not too hard IIRC. Just percentages, ratios, stuff like that. Well, I studied an arts subject and am absolutely crap at maths, so anyone can do it really.


Hello Everyone

Any one heard back from NOA after numerical reasoning test.

I have completed my numerical reasoning test on 6/11/2010 and from that day i am still waiting to hear the outcome.

Please let me know if some one heard back.