National Audit Office Group Assessment day (Graduate Accountancy Scheme)

National Audit Office

Hi Everone,

I have been invited to attend assessment day with NAO on 6th march 2012. Any one else invited for assessment on same day.




Got invited to NAO’s assessment day on 27th March. Anybody else attending this assessment centre?


rhp, I’m also attending the march 27th assessment. Been reading a bit about other peoples’ experiences on here and I’m not quite sure what to make of it yet!


I’m attending March 27th as well. Really nervous but excited!


Hi I’m going on the 27th March as well. It doesn’t seem as bad as some of the others - if you meet the requirements you will be offered a job so we aren’t competing for positions


Hi D_T

How did your assessment day go? Hope it went well.


Hi 27th March people how did you get on?

I got a call this morning with a job offer, be great to see some of you again in September!


I ended up going last week and got an offer so will see you in September!


Snooks and Str3ssed, please share your experiences of the assessment day. Particularly how it tested your understanding of the audit process.

Thanks and contratulations on the offers! :smiley: