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Has anybody applied for the Graduate audit role at the National Audit Office ?

I have completed the online application questions and the numerical test, to which my application status was:

" Thank you for completing the online numerical test, we will be in contact shortly regarding the results"

When I log in now, my status is:

" On Hold, we will be in contact shortly with you regarding the next stage of our application process,"

Im pretty confused with the most recent status update, has anybody else had a similar experience ?



Yes I have the same message as you. I presume they are waiting for the application deadline to close before they let anyone know.


I have an interview with them on 6th february. Does anybody else ?


Hello, has anyone sat the group assessment since it’s changed where the presentation is now not prepared in advance?

If there is anyone that has attended an ac this year I would really appreciate any advice and would really value any tips on what the presentation topic(s) and questions are.

Thanks in advance folks!


Nathan, they have got back to me, I had my interview a few weeks ago, they did say to me they can take a few weeks to get back to people around the busy period… I applied a long time ago so I am sure your app is still being considered