National Audit Office Graduate Accountancy First Interview

National Audit Office

Hello Everyone,

I have been invited for first interview with NAO for its graduate accountancy position. Anyone else going to attend thi?

Anyone who already attended first interview with NAO — any tips plz???




Hi when did you find out/ which office have you applied for?


I have mentioned as no preference in terms of office…They emailed me 2 weeks ago that my application has been successful and will be checked for competency based questions…
Last week I have received email to book my first interview…



ah okay, how long after you submitted your app did they get back to you. I submitted my application about 4 weeks ago and still havent had a response. Although the status does still say “under consideration”


Sorry for late reply…
I didnt remember exactly how long they took after submitting my application but I did contacted HR to find out about status of my application…

I think you should contact HR if its been more than four weeks and deadline is passed too…



Have you had your interview, if so any tips etc?


I am going to attend mine this week.When is yours?


feb 15th, so still a while…is it just an interview or have they still got that maths test?


Hey how did your interview go, what questions were you asked?


Hi GP 123

Its just an interview and no mats test in first interview. May be it will happen during assessment centre.

My interview went well. Questions very simple and competency based on team work, organizing, motivation for applying this role.

Hope this helps…



Hi Everyone

Any one heard back form NAO after first interview?

I have attended one to one interview last thursday and still waiting for NAO’s reply. Any one in same situation like me.




Hi Everone,

I have been invited to attend assessment day with NAO on 6th march 2012. Any one else invited for assessment on same day.




Can anyone shed any light as to how many questions were asked per competency?


Hey Everyone,

I went to the first round interview recently, which went very well. They asked one question per competency that they list on their website

The interviewer doesn’t receive a copy of your CV or application so you can use the same examples you’ve written in your app to answer some of the questions. They are pretty straight forward and the interviewer actually tells you what they are testing with particular question (motivation, awareness, relationship building etc).

I think they’re looking for people to be very confident so they can rely on you to face clients confidently straight away.

Good luck to everyone!