Nao (national audit office) help for 1st interview needed

National Audit Office

Has anyone had their 1st NAO assessment yet?
Is the maths test really similar to their practice objective questions in the pack they send you/ or is it a lot harder?
They don’t really have any info on their site about the interview? Is it a general competency based one?
Looking for some tips to help me better prepare for my upcoming assessment.
Any advice would be much appreciated.


Hey heihachi
Have you had your 1st assessment yet? I’ve got one next week and was hoping to could share your experience please?


I had mine last week - and the maths test is exactly as described - only surprise for me was that they asked a question on Simple & Compound interest which I wasn’t expecting, so make sure to revise that as well.


Hi Fellow members of WIKI,I was just wandering if any of you or someone you may know, has applied for the Audit Commission graduate Scheme. If You do know anyone, please could you you feed me with some information and tips that would always be useful.

kind Regards


Hi owonajoel
have also applied but not heard from them at all. guess they’re reviewing applications now!


Word of advice: Dont get the the National Audit Office and the Audit Commission mixed up. These are two seperate entities, and refering to one when you mean the other wont look good!


Applied at the end of November. Apart from an e-mail asking me to clarify my high school grades, I haven’t heard from them. Tried calling them three weeks ago. They said they are just finishing recruiting for January and were just starting reviewing applications for the next intake. They also said I should expect to hear from them in two weeks…


Check out:

for advice about the interview process


Hi Everone,

I have been invited to attend assessment day with NAO on 6th march 2012. Any one else invited for assessment on same day.




Hi d_t,
I have been invited to an interview and I was wondering if you could tell me the kind of competency questions they asked you?


Good luck with your assessment day, what competency questions did they ask you at the 1st stage interview?