My top tip for interviewees - spill a glass of water down yourself at your interview!


Well… don’t really.

Had my interview with KPMG yesterday which was going really well until I managed to miss my mouth and spill half a glass of water down me - cue much embarassment but a good ice breaker I guess… Got invited to the next assessment centre this morning!

DISCLAIMER: Joyrevision does not endorse spilling water down yourself as a guaranteed means of securing a job - not only may it make you look like you’re there for a wet t-shirt competition and not a Graduate Job, but your interviewer might well think you’re a bit of a numpty…



ahahaha! NICE! one question tho, are you female by any chance??? cos that would sooo work for you ahaha!!

congrats on getting through tho :smiley:


I’m not actually no… which is perhaps even more disturbing… <(‘o’<)


Haha good stuff…

I got rejected at interview by Deloitte recently. I like to think it was because I had a Commercial Awareness nightmare, but in reality, it may have been because I broke the water bottle on the table…


<(‘o’<) i’m trying to work out what this is.

in future please abstain from accepting any drinks offers.