My pwc telephone interview

The Graduate

after reading lots of threads here i decided to give something back :slight_smile:

my interview lasted for about 35min, it was divided according to competencies, and for each competency i was asked 2 questions, these competencies are listed on pwc’s website, so my advise is to have a look at them and think carefully what examples that you can provide

so here it is, my pwc interview questions

  • commercial awareness
    the graduate programme, what you will be doing, ACA, how did you find out
    how do you keep up with news, discuss a news that interests you

  • teamwork
    example of where you have had a different work style to a member of my team;
    work in a team to achieve a goal

  • Integrity
    Raise a concern in a team
    Point out something you think that is not good

  • managing projects
    do a large project
    deal with a difficult situation

  • adopt to changes
    change the way of doing something
    do something when you are given little instruction

good luck :slight_smile:


I got asked pretty much exactly the same questions as well.


Thanks alot ccwing!

I have my interview coming up soon and have been preparing for it. This will help alot, cheers.

Can i ask what line you were applying to?
And was your interview carried out by a manager, or someone in HR?



Also, for the question:

“Point out something you think that is not good”

Does this mean point out something that you found unethical? Or something like a process that you thought could be improved in some way?


Hi af214, the service line that i applied for is audit
i’m not sure who interviewed me, but it seems to me that she was reading from a list of questions, not really interested in who you are, but just ticking boxes to see whether you have the right skill set, probably someone from HR, but she was quite nice tho

as for the question, i cant remember the exact question, but i think you should give an example of pointing out something that you think is inappropriate, hope that helps!


Hi ccwing32, thank you for your post. My interview is tomorrow. Can I know how long was each of your answer?


Thank you so much for your post !!

My interview is coming soon ! GL to everyone




Hi there, i have an telephone interview on Monday for a school leaver tax program, do you think these question will be similar, or even the same. Also is there anyone out there that has been pass this process. HELP HELP HELP.


yes, i think they have a list of questions to choose from, and you are very likely be asked questions from the same list. after all, the competencies they are looking for are pretty much the same
good luck!


thanks a lot for the promp reply how did the interview start?, when thy phoned you did thy talk about your application and then gradually move on to why audit and then the competency’s and then a business news topic and then your questions?. what tips would you give? and was your time limit 50 minutes and completed in 35. Also was there parts which u got stuck and couldn’t answer how did you overcome?.

sorry for the amount of question given.

p.s. was it audit graduate or school leaver?



they did not ask anything abt my application, went straight to the competencies as i mentioned in the post.
i would suggest you go to the website and have a good look at the competencies they require and think about what examples might be useful in supporting the questions. prepare more examples since they ask 2 questions in each competency.
the questions regarding integrity really threw me, i didn’t expect questions like that. that’s why i suggest you to look at their website.
also don’t panic if you get stuck, just stay calm, i’m sure you would be able to think of examples from your experience, the key thing is just how you interpret that

good luck!


hi guys,
how long does it take PwC to get back to you with the interview outcome?


hey everyone,

thanks for your feedback stw23490.

Having been unsuccessful in my interview now, I started analysing my own answers to find where did I made the mistake. Unfortunately, I could not figure out the exact reason for being unsuccessful.

I mean, comon, I did found few mistakes already but still want to know what is it exactly that gets tested.

Also, I am confident about the examples I gave and did convey them properly. I also got pretty much the same questions as you guys i.e. from the competencies.

Can somebody here tell me , how should you answer the questions to the competencies or what is it that is actually being tested during first telephone interview.
(P.S. I know there is no specific answer to these question but still… hope you know what i mean)

Any help, advice, experience appreciated guys !
Thanks a lot