My kpmg recruitment experience + what next after being made an offer?


First i wanna thank everyone in this forum for the amazing advice that helped me got thru my assessment day, it was so useful to know what to expect!! Below is a review of my experience with kpmg recruiting process and I hope I can be helpful to other job seekers :slight_smile:

1st interview
I applied for sep 09 grad entry in audit cuz of work permit complications, and I’m really surprised how I didn’t get marked down for this at all. My first interview was with a senior manager in insurance, it was all competency based questions which I gave examples on teamwork, leadership, problem solving, changing my original way of work, why kpmg etc… At the end of the interview I was quite surprised that my interviewer was promoting kpmg to me… It was a pleasant experience, more natural and conversational than the one I did with Deloitte (more like talking to a pen n paper recording machine and the interviewer was 10 mins late and very contemptuous)

e tray + group ex. + presentation + partner interview
definitely practise with the gov fast stream demo, I finished my e tray about 10 minutes earlier and I did pass on 1-2 questions that involved calculating sth at the beginnin cuz i thought i was running out of time…(NO MORE THAN 2 tho!!) For the writing exercise, don’t feel uneasy for taking time out before writing to really think about which option(s) to pick coz writing it out takes less than 10 mins. No u-turn if u didn’t know exactly wht u wanna write at first tho!clock’s ticking…

group ex. was pretty straight forward, it’s really about how you work, i think its sth u can’t pretend. The ex. was based on a company u came across in your e tray. I frequently did a one-line summary of how far we’ve got. Always listen! and listen earnestly. short presentation at the end of the group discussion, my voice did shake a bit at the end cuz i was the last one to present (e31 was waiting for me to shut up n go to lunch), but i was clear about my 2 bullet points so maybe that’s how i got thru somehow…

Lunch was really nice, 3 other trainees and us 5 candidates had a good time. I think these trainees really gave me a good impression of kpmg… very nice and approachable! Not shy to tell you about the lunch allowance… :wink:

I did the presentation (that i prepared beforehand) to the partner first, I did it on a japanese education company that i grew up with, which is already public in japan and us but not yet in the uk… I think 10 mins allow you to go into detail with your plan as long as u have a concise structure, so make sure u’ve got a good plan and have over-researched!

the partner interview was pretty much compentency based, very similar to the first one. I really think it is nth to worry about :slight_smile:

Q U E S T I O N !!!

What goes on after being made an offer over the phone??? I got a call from the partner that interviewed me the next morning and said that he’d like to offer me the job, but he also said he’s only doing the ‘easy’ bit by informing me of the offer over the phone. I still havent got an email and the status on my recruitment account still only says ‘invited to assessmt centre’. It’s wednesday today and my assmt day was on monday. Am I too keen? It worries me that I’m still technically unemployed…

I have a deloitte assessmt day next week, should I still go to it? Also, if someone can tell me how to compare offers it’d be Great.



how long does the entire process took?


Dont worry mate, it took 2 weeks for me to get my mail. welcome to kpmg =)


it took roughly a month from when I sent my form to getting the offer, the assessment day was from 9 to 5…


From your post above it seems that you have graduated already. I’m pretty much in the same situation and don’t have any concrete plans for the next 11 months. Do you have any idea what you will be doing? My first two thoughts were travelling and voluntary work but any other suggestions would be great.


It took about 4-5 working days for them to get an e-mail to me. The e-mail has all the contract information. Congratulations on getting the job!


Hi, I also just got an offer for KPMG, however I have deferred it for 1 year. I am also waiting for my email to confirm though. What kind of information is in the email? is there anything else that has to be done or can I just relax now? :slight_smile:

Re: suggestions on what to do in a year out - learn a language!



I had my KPMG AC on Monday and haven’t heard back yet. From everything I’ve read on the forums the people who’ve got the job have been rung by the partner who interviewed them the next day. Does this mean I haven’t got an offer? Or am I just being paranoid and I should wait and see what happens tomorrow?

I can’t really add anything to what has been said on the forums about the AC, the e-mail exercise has been the same for the past 3 years apparently. The group exercise I found harder than I expected, the task you have to do is in an individual sense too easy, the ideas are so obvious, however this makes it even more awkward as everyone is so polite with each other. I did as everyone says on the forum and spoke clearly concisely, got involved, didn’t dominate but didn’t act shyly, summarised occasionally and paid attention, I just found the whole exercise really fake (might just be me though). The partner interview seemed to go well, there was a decent rapport but with hindsight I feel I was maybe a little relaxed and didn’t ‘sell’ myself enough and maybe didn’t emphasise points that I wanted to. I would add that a question I got asked was ‘what job would you want if you didn’t want to become an accountant?’ this caught me a little of guard as I hadn’t really thought about it, I knew I wanted to be an accountant so thats what I went for right from the start, was my answer. I also think I may have jeffed up the presentation at the end of the group exercise - I had to talk about the weaknesses of the company and was very concious about not mentioning our initiatives to be implemented and I reckon I did really bad on that bit, but my partner presentation went well so hopefully they will cancel out to being ok.

Anyway, hope someone may find that helpful, and if anyone has had to wait the full 3 days to get a positive response in terms of an offer then that would be great. My feeling is that if they were going to offer me a job they would have responded by now.

I’ll put up a post about what I did wrong when I find out.

P.S. Cheers for all the help from here, there’s some really good stuff.


Hardy, I wouldnt worry too much about the time that has passed. I know a lot of people get called up very quickly, but I got my offer almost a week after my AC, and I know of others that were told several days later at least. If you haven’t heard anything to the contrary, you are still in the running!


Call grad rec! I did with a made up excuse about needing to know whether I was leaving because of strategic training at work…And within ten minutes the partner had rung!



Thanks guys, that’s a relief. I’m quite busy today anyway at work but I’ll definately give them a call tomorrow! Where and what did you guys apply for? I applied for Manchester audit.


Hi everyone, can anybody please tell me that where can I get a practice of the email exercise for KPMG?
Also, can you people who have already attended the interview for KPMG or Deloitte give me some idea about what questions are asked generally?
As I read through various posts on this forum I found out that we need to present the performance of any company of our choice. Do we present that in the presentation part of the interview? Is it a group or an individual presentation? Do we need to prepare for the presentation beforehand i.e. before going for the interview?
What do we exactly do in the group exercise then?



sgd, I think you need to have a read of the KPMG Interview Wiki - that’ll clear things up for you.


Hi Joy, I looked for a specific thread which describes the interview process for KPMG in detail but could not find any.I found some general info on the interview process of the Big 4 which is quite useful. But, I am specifically looking for something on KPMG.



Just thought I’d say I’ve got an email offering me a place at KPMG so for anyone else who is having to wait more than a couple of days to hear, don’t worry (well atleast not as much as I did!).
1 very quick question, I didn’t get a call form the partner, just an email. I’m assuming that it’s just because he will have been busy or something, anyone have any thoughts on that? i.e. has anyone been offered a job but not got a phonecall??

email exercise-there’s a practice one on wiki site, its the only one I used but you really can’t practice for it. Just make sure you answer all the emails or atleast 23/24, just pace yourself and dont spend too long reading the booklet. The presentation takes part at the begining of the partner interview, dont stress too much about what your suggestions are, they are testing that you know how a business works and what factors are influencing it, more theory than practice, also they dont expect you to know everything but they want to see evidence of how ou think and reason to back up your arguments. Anymore questions, feel free to ask

Finally-thank you to everyone who has posted on this site, it has been incredibly helpful! and if anyone else has any questions i’ll try my best to answer them.


That’s what I meant.


Btw, congrats Hardy - if you were as sure that you’d ballsed it up as you said before then there’s hope for us all! :slight_smile: