My Greenturn Experience



I am preparing for job applications this autumn, and after reading lots of reviews I decided to buy my aptitude preparation materials from Greenturn. I had already seen some of the EY materials that they provide, so decided to buy the pwc bundle pack, and what a joke it is. For a start the material is EXACTLY the same as the EY one, so it is not tailored to each company as they specify. The test papers are riddled with spelling mistakes, and some of the online logical reasoning type tests have questions repeated throughout, and a significant amount of what they say is available in the pack is not there.
I also bought the application form guidance, which provides one example filled out form and no other guidance like it says it should.
I emailed them twice in the last three days to request the rest of the material, and have heard nothing back. There are no telephone numbers available online, and now I am pretty much sure most of their reviews are fake. If you look on the youtube videos it is interesting that they have LOADS of positive reviews around the exact time they were published, and none since. I dont even have any access to any extra video materials from purchasing the pack anyway.
Has anyone else found anything similar? I find it quite upsetting that there are good honest people that are spending money and working really hard to try and secure their futures, yet companies who are providing such a poor service are exploiting that.
Im now reluctant to try graduate monkey in case it’s the same. Unless anyone can recommend otherwise?


Can anyone give a genuine review of graduate monkey or assessment day for preparation for big4?


Hi, I’m so sorry for your experience.

I have bought an assessment day package for all the aptitude test before I went to the assessment centre with PwC, and I found it quite useful in training me into a mindset to do those numerical and logical tests. Although they are not exactly the same, and I haven’t encountered any same question, but I think what is important is to get used to the bar charts, tables, and calculate those percentage. and I passed the aptitude test.

That’s so far my experience with assessment day, hope you find it useful, and good luck with your application :slight_smile:


Hi there,

Thanks for your message (albeit it was a long time ago) I ended up getting graduate monkey and assessment day in the end. I just found I passed the online tests with the preparation from these two and I agree with you that they were very similar and also sufficiently varied! I was very happy with them in the end :). It is now just a waiting game to hear back for a telephone interview.

Thanks again!


Hi, do you know how to get in touch with the green turn if I want to purchase the interview training? As I can’t find any contact information on the website, and I have leave my informations through the “contact us” site waiting them to contact me, but I have received any emails or calls from green turn.


Im having the same issue. They had explained an ebook outlining hints and tips on completion of KPMG situational judgment test. Although I havent received this. What is more disturbing is the price they typically charge for their prep packs. If you have this issue I would first post something on facebook page probably get in touch with the ombudsman.