My Grant Thornton 28/01 Telephone Interview Experience

Grant Thornton

Although many of the stuffs have already been mentioned in previous posts( which really helped me a lot, thanks!!!), I still think there might be something valuable from my experience. So this is the whole telephone interview process.

The interviewer was a very nice woman and talked in a friendly way. She first introduced herself and said the interview would last for 30-35min ( but actually it ended up to be 45min!). Then she went straight into questions. General questions to start with, e.g.:
Why have you chosen your university?
Why BR? How would you expect your role to be in BR? ( I didn’t answer for this one well, what I was expecting wasn’t close to what they do, so she further elaborated about their roles and how the internship would be like)
Why Grant Thornton?

After 10min she said,’ let’s move onto competency questions.’ So it was at least 8 or 9 non stop competency questions. I have to say it’s very intense and quite mechanical.
Give me an example that you addressed different audiences in different communication manners.
How you have led your team to a mile further?
When you missed a deadline.
Example about innovation and change.
How you motivated your team members?
Showed your credibility.
How did you multi-task?
Made an important judgment.
How to show your organization?

The last part she asked me if I have any questions for her.

My suggestions are:
Remember to follow the STAR tip while giving examples.
It’ll be better to talk to a HR in the sector you’re applying to, so you would know what exactly you would be doing.
Prepare as many examples as possible, because you don’t want to give repeated ones.
And don’t worry if you are mechanical, because as what someone has said in the forum before, this is what they are expecting.


This is amazing thanks xx


I wouldn’t bother with GT. I worked in their Leeds office for a bit. The HR dept. was dreadful. They never got the bookings right for FTC and couldn’t really give a toss about staff welfare.

I even heard the HR manager discussing recruitment and saying that there was a male and female candidate who were suitable but as they had already offered 2 of the 3 places to men, they would offer the last to the women. When I pointed out that this was illegal I became public enemy number one.


Yeah their HR dept. does seem to be a bit of a mess lately - it used to be better something has gone wrong somewhere


Hey, I’ve been hearing a lot bad things about the companies. Like how PwC employees were asked to travel somewhere far away on the weekend to work etc. And I thought GT should be better due to its smaller size and more friendly atmosphere? Seems that you can never know these companies through their website!


Hi jobhunter 1664,

Is it for the intake 2010 that they have choosing between a male and a female for the job because I have an assessment centre coming up with them soon?



It was for 2009 intake. When I worked for them, it was a telephone interview and then verbal and numerical reasoning tests. The verbal reasoning gives you a passage and then you have to say whether the passage suggests whether something is true or false etc. The numerical reasoning was not as difficult as I’d feared, mainly percentages/adding and subtracting margins etc. You won’t have enough time to finish it, that is intentional as accounting exams (ACA etc) are very time pressured. They want to see how you cope.

Not all GT offices are as bad as the Leeds one. Like all partnerships, if an office has a strong office managing partner, it runs well. The Leeds office has an OMP who is only bothered about selling and didn’t really care too much about HR issues.

Good luck!


Thanks for your information jobhunter 1664. Unfortunately, i was rejected after the telephone interview, which is actually under my expectation cuz I realised that I didn’t do very well. I’ve emailed them asking for feedbacks, but haven’t got any reply yet.
Good luck to the others!!!