my experience in sending my cv to many companies and how i got the job i seek


hello guys,

i am so happy that i can share my experience in sending my cv to many companies and how i got the job i seek with you

but the main question here how that happened ?

actually i made some researches about what are the huge companies that are available in the US and Europe market and i found that the most of them are international companies but how i can reach the high level HR managers there

so i kept looking for there available jobs announces online and guess what i figured out that the mother companies branches are out of U.S. and out of Europe too its in the middle east, so i decided to send my cv to those companies just once and made it available online and after a while almost 2 days i began to receive many calls and emails from the HR department of those companies asking me about more information about my qualifications and if i am ready to have an interview for the job position here in the company branch in New York city, that was wonderful to make them interested on you and come after you for the job

that was my experience and i decided to share it with you and even i will tell you how to send your own Cv to them and make it available online so you can have the same chances i had

the main principle is that the high level HR departments in those companies are outside the US and on my researches i found that they are announcing about their available jobs in a job platform which i used to register all my CV information there and it automatically send it to them and even made it online for me and available for anyone how can search there if he need to employ some people

here is the link for this platform, all you need is just registering your own Cv information and it will do the rest for you: just pm for the link if you are interested and please hit me back if you need any help and i will be pleased to tell me about the results.


Hello guys, I’m really looking for work as I have an unborn son who’s due in 3weeks by you looking at my c.v could make me apart of your team, by looking at my c.v you will see I’m a very good worker and would be grate to join any company so hopefully some1 could give me a chance by looking at it an hope to hear from you your sincerely James rollinson


60 Downfield Drive
Sedgley, Dudley
MOBILE: 07748675555

I’m a smart, Well presented, Trustworthy, Reliable, Conscientious and hard working employee who would be an excellent addition to any team. I work well in small or large groups as I’m a self disciplined team player with a positive attitude, I can effectively delegate as and when needed which proves invaluable for any employer.
I’m proactive, efficient with excellent interpersonal skills and take grate care with any project I undertake. I feel it’s imperative to work to a high standard and have pride in my work. I meet all targets that are set aswell as always looking for a new challenge that will take me and my skills to the next level.
Hillcrest School Gcses.
Building level 1 & 2
Carpentry level 1 & 2
T1 & T2 health and safety roadworks
First aid
Fire safety
Cooking level 1 & 2
I was working for a self employed man that took me on and gave me a lot of experience, Unfortunately he moved to Thailand with his wife and son witch left me without a job.
Factory & Wear house
Painting & Decorating
REFERENCES: This is a couple of employers that will be more then happy to give me a reference.
Andrew Woolley
Wayne Purchases
Lee Glover
Thomas Miles
Shane Wood
Paul Purchases


For more information you Pm me