My EON Phone Interview...


hi hz206

I having my telephone interview wiv eon tomorrow in international business scheme, could you advise me what kind of questions will they ask you in telephone interview?
greatly appreciated your help.


Hi Tinalee

Hope your well, I have just booked my eon Telephone Interview, How did your one go? what questions did they ask you? Hope to hear from you soon,

Much Appreciated



I have my assessment centre with e.on next week for the international business Management scheme!! can anyone tell me what happens specifically at the assessment centre and any advice?? After the presentation is it a competency based interview??

Much appreciated



I am having a telephone interview next week the business change and IT role. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on the sort of questions they asked?

Anything would really help



Hi guys,
I have my Telephone Interview with Eon tomorrow. I have applied for Electrical Engineering scheme, does anyone has any idea what type of questions they might be asking.



Could anyone please give any advice about the phone interview of International business scheme? e.g. any competence questions
Many thanks!!