My EON Phone Interview...


Just had a phone interview for the Eon Engineering Graduate scheme. I know how useful preparation is so here’s what happened…it was 56minutes long btw…

It was a completely fair and professional interview, didn’t ask anthing that most 5th year MEngers wouldn’t know as long as you do a bit of research. Try and express yourself well, get to the point - he’s taking notes.

Good Luck!


How long did it take you to hear back from them or have you not heard yet? I had mine on the 20th Jan but no news yet


Heard back few days after, got through.


hey mat-i-

I know its been soo long but is it possible to get some information about assesment centre , the tasks and activities carried out and how you felt about it.

I will really appreciate your help and support and ANY ONE willing to give some advice is more than just APPRECIATED

Kind Regards


Hi Mat-i,

How was your Assessment Centre for E.On in the end? I have one coming up and they told me that I will need to bring an object along with me that can define my character and also show the motivations I have for applying to a career with them! I am completely stuck as what kind of object they are looking for and was hoping you could give me some advice if you also had to do the same!



hey i have an assesment centre comming up as well.

what date is urs and which scheme have you applied to…?? have they invited you to nottingham 4 the assesment centre?? If you want we can definitely meet up before the assessment centre if its the same date. I havent got any information to share with you 4 the time being if i found we can discuss…

Many Thanks



Eon ended up phoning me to tell me they had cancelled their assessment centre…apparently they weren’t taking as many Engineering graduates on last year and had to cut back…after all the time I’d spent with this company I was pretty pissed off. A few months later I got another phonecall inviting me to an interview for the Science and Engineering Excellence Graduate scheme. By that time I’d got another offer so didn’t bother going…glad I didn’t have to work for a company that outsources every stage of their recruitment! I’ve ended up with a job with Scottish & Southern Energy.


Thanks for the info Mat-i! Hopefully, the same doesn’t happen to me!

and mchihmn3, my AC is Nov 15th in Notts. Its for a Finance position. When is yours and what did you apply to?!

Yeah I havent had a chance to think about what object Im gonna bring yet…Its really tough, because I think they want to see how creative you are etc etc. I was thinking maybe something related to my course and then try and relate it to energy and Eon… but I’m not sure. Have you got any ideas?



is anybody going to the Eon Assessment day on 18 October? I would be happy to bounce some ideas of each other.






Just got through the to the assessment centre, thanks for your advice!

Anyone got any advice on the assessment centre itself?


Hi obriendean
First of all congratulations :slight_smile:
I have my interview for the hr graduate scheme tomorrow.
What kind of questions did they ask you?? Were there quite straightforward competency questions?? Thank you for any advice and good luck on the AC


Hi everyone,
Has anyone here applied for the International Business Management scheme with E.on?


Hey rouss, I’ve applied for International Business Management scheme as well. What stage of the process are you on?


Hey rouss, I’ve applied to the same scheme. What stage of the process are you at?


I had my phone interview on monday, waiting for the outcome. You ?


Had mine on tuesday waiting as well. Not much info about the AC on here…


No…anyone heard anything ?


Did anyone already have any experience with the E.ON Assessment centre.
If yes…any informations would be really appriciated!