My Deloitte Experience


Hi guys,

I just completed my final stage at deloitte (partner stage) and when I tried to go through wikijobs, I felt that the information was abit scattered and the selection process was abit different to mine so here is MY experience there and I hope it helps somebody who was stuck in finding answers to their questions…

I applied for Audit graduate scheme

Ok so stage 1 was the application form (all pretty straight forward)

stage 2: Numerical and verbal reasoning.

I was invited to a numerical test… which is basically under timed conditions and Deloitte test under SHL. Do loads of practice before and what I would recommend is that if you REALLY want to work for deloitte, then leave it till last and do your other numericals before so you gain some practice (even if you might fail the other ones, its still experience non the less)

The verbal reasoning test is basically a big passage of text and you have to see select the most accurate statement (all pretty straight forward and nothing to worry about)

Stage 3- E-TRAY!

ok here i found everyone to be useless in explaining the e-tray to me… so i hope i do better.
You go in and you’re with your competition (i.e. another 20 students all there to do the e-tray assessment). You are all taken to a room with loads of netbooks on the desks… if you are unfamiliar with typing on a netbook… get familiar and practice because the keys are obviously smaller…

the first part of the task is to respond to loads of e-mails (i think it was like 27).
What you should first do is open the documents on the right hand side of the e-mail (its like microsoft outlook- exactly that format) and see who is the people in higher positions than you… (such as partners and managers) and see which e-mails are urgent. Reply to the urgent ones first and the ones that are needed ASAP!.. some e-mails are sent but you dont have to reply… so be aware of those, some are just like “thank you for ur e-mail”…

the second part of the e-tray is a written assessment… you have to write to the firm adivisng them on a particular stratedgy. It’s not so much as your selection but your writing skills… so obviously Dear Mr. X… Kind regards Me… and space out your paragraphs so it is easy for the person to read. BUT BE WARNED… TIME GOES FAST! so type fast but accurate… because the timer will stop itself, if you havn’t finished your e-mail then tough, it logs off automatically and sends whatever you have written so far…

Stage 4- Interview with manager…

So here you sit in a small room with the manager of your service line and its just competency questions. There are many forums that discuss the competency questions but I’ll give you a few:

  1. tell me about a time you worked in a team
    2)tell me a time you had to motivate someone
  2. what was the hardest decision you have ever made
  3. why this firm
    5)why not another career
    6)tell me a time you had to lead a team
    7)tell me about a time you have had to do a presentation

So those were what I was kind of asked… but my interview was more of a long chit chat… which is a good sign.
One key piece of advice… BE YOURSELF!.. they want to see if they can work with you or not… in the first 30 seconds they know whether they want to hire you or not… so dont be nervous. be confident but not arrogant… and people forget to smile… so SMILE!

Stage 5- Interview with partner
The hardest part yet…

So I had to do a presentation and I got one e-mail saying “you been successfull in your manager interview, we’ll be in touch soon”

Then a few days later to confirm a date for this partner interview, in this e-mail I was given a presentation topic to discuss… Everybody’s is different so I will leave that to your research…
All I did was talk for 5 minutes (but it was basically like 10 minutes because there is so much you want to show your interviewer)
He asked questions for 10 minutes and asked questions that I really didnt know the answer to but never say “i dont know”… always try… this is your one shot so just go for it!! so just be prepared

Then he asked me more competency questions… so he asked me “a piece of financial news currently… what business is doing well”… (luckily I had prepared that so I sort of remembered my answer"

Then why Audit… why not any other career… why specifically this… (so be prepared to answer that)
Then he asked " a time you have had to do something differently"…
The partner has your CV and application form in front of him/her… so they know and they will ask you questions on it…

then he asked “any questions for me?” and its good to just ask anything…

but remember every partner is different, some people say their partner interview was for 10 minutes and it was a nice chit chat… some were grilling… mine was ok… so its just how well you speak and communicate

But that was my experience… I hope it helped, reply back or message me if you need any clarification.

Key tips:

  1. be yourself
  2. be confident… even if you are wrong, make them think that you are right
    3)always have some sort of answer
  3. do your research, you can’t be spoonfed entirely
    5)make an impression, if you have something unique… tell them! this is your time to shine! give them everything!
  4. smile!!! :smiley: its surprising the difference that makes!

Good luck to you all!


hi, i’ve just had my partner interview yesterday as well, I just wondered have you heard anything back from yours yet?


Hi All,

I know everyone has different presentation topics but could you tell me how many slides you prepared? Five minutes seems like a very short amount of time!


Hey Staussy

I just prepared using slides just to help me remember but I didn’t take any slides with me to the interview. 5 minutes is very short but usually you can just go on, I talked for ages in mine and was asked questions about it afterwards which felt like it went on for longer than 10 minutes. So didn’t prepare any official slides…
Just try make conversation with your partner, the more natural it is, the liklier you will get the job. If it seems too much question-answer-question-answer… snap out of it… make it into a conversation so your partner likes you, otherwise it doesn’t really matter how much you know.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Hey sl123- yup… i got it. I got an offer 30 mins after my interview, but it depends… some people here back a few weeks later or months even. If it isnt a rejection, then keep your hopes up!

good luck :slight_smile:


hey z.z in regards to the e-tray, how do you know which emails are urgent? Is it pretty obvious without opening each email or do you have to open each one individually? If the latter, wouldn’t you just be losing time?

Thank you for sharing your experience! :slight_smile:




open up all the documents on the left hand side of the e-mail (this will make sense when u see it) and like a part of the documents (which are already there for u… nothing u have to reply to, its there for ur e-mail) there will be some that will say how the structure of ur firm is…

so it will show u a diagram as to who is the partner, manager, assistant manager, trainee… now if the partner is for exam jonathon ross and your assistant manager is alan carr… and you get two e-mails, one from jonathon ross and one from alan carr, it would make sense for you to look at jonathons e-mail and reply to him first because hes a partner and higher that alan…

so thats how i saw it… dont like waste ur time replying to a trainee before a partner if both come at the same time… so u wana prioritise

and if u get e-mails sayin “urgent need a quick reply, meeting in an hour” and then another e-mail sayin " i need this done by next week"… reply to the former first, so just encase u run out of time, u get the most important e-mailed answered

good luck :slight_smile:


Yeah i’m with you, totally makes sense, let’s hope I don’t mess up! Thank you very much your a star! :slight_smile:



some questions about etray

Is it true that more than three spelling mistakes will be automatic fail?

Is the question in the written part still chose the best company within the three choices?

Many thx!!


Can you remember what the status of your online application was after you completed your e-tray? Is the status of your online application supposed to change once you complete your e-tray? Thanks.


hey guys…

xialiang1900: about the spelling, i’ve heard that number many times, but because spelling/ grammar is being tested I wouldn’t be surprised if thats the case, just make some time at the end to check everything; and yes the written exercise is that exactly!

Justine-L: I don’t think my status changed until I heard back, which was exactly 3 working days!

Gd luck :slight_smile:



Hi @az888

Thank you. Can you let me know how your e-tray went? did you pass?
Did you answer all the emails?

Thanks again :slight_smile:



hi Justine-L

Yes i passed, i think i did finish, only just though - panicked towards the end! Hope yours went well too! :slight_smile: