Music admin



Not sure if this is in the right place or not, but I’m just looking for any advice for someone looking to get a foot in the admin side of the music industry. I have a degree in Music Performance and have 6 months experience working in an admin role so I do have experience in both areas. I think what makes me want to work in music the most is the fact that I just love learning about it and I don’t get bored of it like everything else. I’m guessing my best bet is to nose around some small record labels and see if they have any internship programs but if anyone could help me or tell me where I could get help I would greatly appreciate it!




Hey Sam, looking at the small record labels is a great idea. Also, have you thought about applying direct to major companies like Sony and Warner Bros Records? A lot of them have internships, which can be a great way to work your way up, and they should also have a lot of admin roles as they are such big companies. As you already have experience in admin and a degree in Music, you could be a great candidate for that, so it’s definitely worth checking out.