MTC Assessment Centre


Hi guys, I’ve got an assessment centre for Manufacturing Technology Centre based in Coventry coming up, general procedure is Interview, Group exercises, Presentation, but nothing specific. Anyone have any ideas as to what type of questions and such might come up?



Hi M_man,

I may have an assessment centre comming up for MTC soon and was wondering if you could shed some light on how the day went?

Thanks, ETL.


Hey ETL,

The assessment took place over two days, the first day was basically an introduction, they spoke to us about the company, and also allowed us to talk to recent graduates, we then had a tour and ended the day with dinner with employees of the company. It was very informal, and gives a really good opportunity to find out about the company and the people working for it.

Also, before we left that day, we were asked to prepare a 15 min presentation for the following day. The second day consisted of two group exercises, a presentation, a competency interview and a verbal type reasoning test, not neccessarily in that order, but they’ll give you a timetable of your day.

Hope this helps, and good luck!


Thanks very much, that’s really helpfull. I have a few more questions for you if you don’t mind!

Was there much people on the assessment with you? Was it a PowerPoint presentation? Was the interview just a basic interview or more technically orientated.

Is there any advise you could give in preparing for the day? How did you feel about the company/people there?did you find it difficult or stressfull?

Sorry for inundation you with questions!

Any help is appreciated.


There were 8 people including me on the day I was there, but they also said that were a two or three more groups to come, approximately 30 people total. They also mentioned that they’re not limited to the number of people they will give the jobs out to, if you meet what they’re looking for, you’ll most likely get it.

The presentation was presented with a flip chart, they provide you this along with some pens to prepare, it is on a subject of your choice, as long as it is scientifically based, they may also ask some questions regarding your presentation. The interview was 2 on 1 and just competency based, there wasn’t any technical questions asked.

The actual two days aren’t that stressful, in terms of preparation, I wasn’t told about the presentation to prepare, and I ended spending the whole night preparing and didn’t get any sleep! Bad times! So I guess that’s a heads up, other than that, practice your competenacies and you’ll be fine.


Great stuff. Really appreciate the advice.

Ill probably be onto you in the future with some more questions!

Hope it went well for you!


Hi guys!
I have an assessment centre at MTC next week. As M_man, I also have an Interview, group exercises and a presentation. I imagine something might have changed after these posts in 2013, can anyone give me recent information about their experience?
In particular, I’d like to know what group exercises there will be and can we still choose the topic for the presentation or is it given? and in this case, what was your topic and how much time did you have to prepare? What question may be asked in the interview?


Hi guys. Can anybody tell me more about the reasoning test please? Should we prepare any slides for the presentation?


Hi, Can anyone tell me more about what sort of thing the presentation had to be on and how long it had to be? Thanks