MSc or Experience?!

CASS Business School
Finance and Accounting

Hi everyone
I need some help with a decision that I’ve made.

I graduated in 2008 with a high 2:1 in Finance and Accounting and since then I’ve been successful in passing many companies final assessment stages only to be let down due to the effects of the recession affecting their graduate programmes.

Since then I’ve had experience working with an accounting firm whilst continuing to run my family’s own company. I’ve also been accepted for CASS business School for MSc Banking and International Finance
My main concern from what I’ve experienced is that I have not obtained the relevant market experience to secure me position within an area in the financial markets.

Although I understand the market situation is not good and given this time next year it may improve, I am concerned that by completing this MSc I will just be overqualified with no relevant experience and thus find it difficult to secure employment. In addition I’m 23 so I’m also concerned that my age will be a concerning factor when I complete this, leaving me to compete against new grads with possible experience and better grades?

I understand that it’s ultimately up to me to utilize CASS’s facilities, experiences and knowledge I will have gained from this MSc to make me a better candidate but I’m actually considering to try and defer my MSc for the following year. At current I am in the process of completing my IMC where I am then planning to self study for my CFA Level 1 whilst continuing to find employment.

What do you guys think? I really need some help with this!!!


I suspect you know already what to do. The market is predicted to worsen next year with many current graduates heading into postgrad education to delay the inevitable. The advice from the Association of Graduate Recruiters is to just get out there and work your way up. The position may not be exactly what you are looking for but take it anyway. Cass business school is good but won’t necessarily give you the career boost it should.


Thanks for your response

As they say experience is the fundamental advantage, I am already sending out 70-100 speculative CVs every week with no luck, but am going to continue with the self study route and hopefully I’ll get a break through.

Thanks for the advice