MSc in Global Banking and Finance


With the constant growth in the fields of banking and finance and the interrelation between them, I wonder what the view is of the degree offered by the European Business School, London. I am interested as I think banking needs more financed based people to understand the ratios of banking and to make sure that the banks do not go backwards and visit previous sins.
the MSc in Global Banking & Finance to give tuition in the academic discipline of finance within a global business context and will promote rigorous, critical analysis of issues in banking and financial markets whilst at the same time providing an understanding of the interaction of finance with international financial services, international business and financial economics in the public and private sectors.
Now that all sounds very good to me and I can see its value but what do others think please?
The two things that impress me about this course are:
a) Prepare and implement findings directed at the evaluation of corporate, market, investment and risk management situations.
b) Demonstrate business and cultural skills related to the professional workplace in an international context.
Having spent many years myself in Russia I like the focus on cultural skills as these were a definite challenge in the business world there.
Has anybody else experience of these cultural areas in business and can relate how they have influenced their studies?


This is my area of expertise and I congratulate those students who are realising that Banking and Finance are bed mates. The banker who holds an ACIB qualification should of course be respected as it is an industry standard and indeed gives a most valued formal approach to banking.
The issue however is that the world of banking has experienced a great amount of change in the past 15 years, with an enormous amount of refocusing in the years following the financial crisis and the fall out from that. There is no doubt that the effects of the banking collapse in USA has been felt in Europe and in the UK in a particular way, and the fall in the Asian markets has also impacted. Today it is essential that with people and companies looking worldwide for investment that the banking field has experts who understand a broader approach to banking and by studying finance alongside of banking more informed decisions can be made. Not only will finance allow the banker to see what decisions will affect the customer, but will also allow him to see the effect on the bank and the risks that are being exposed. In my opinion banking and finance go hand in hand and the way in which the laws are now being rewritten demands a string knowledge of both.
This is a degree I wholeheartedly support.


This degree has taken on a new importance with the proposed separation of investment banking and that of “mainstream” banking. This will create a definitive division in the world of banking and will mean that the generalsits who sought to cover both areas will no longer be able to.
The banking crisis demands that bankers need to be able define the path they are taking and act in the interests of bank and customer and thus this degree will assist in creating a new breed of bankers who will add value to the industry.
I certainly agree with the opening post from Pomponian that there is a need to understand the global market and I think this degree will assist. The world of banking now has to encompass countries such as China and Russia and it is essential that the standards in these countries need to be that of international banking and that they should be encouraged to integrate better. As many of the leading banks seek to have a presence in these countries new entrants into the world of banking will have a new raft of opportunities and this degree will set them up for this.
Banking is creating a new face for itself and this degree will help those who are seeking to enter this service industry.