Msc Finance at CFA partnered Uni - Career opps???


I am currently an undergrad about to enter final yr reading econ at LSE. I gained a 1st in my first yr and a 2.1 in my 2nd and am heading for a 2.1/1st when I graduate. However I was unable to secure an internship at IB over summer and the work experience section on my CV looks a bit slim. My chances of getting a front office role for grad positions is also looking equally slim given the recent credit turmoil so I have decided to consider other options. One of which is post grad - I was wondering how useful it would be? how many employees actually care? What opportunities it will open? What other options do I have? (I have considered accountancy but I can’t do a job that I dislike for three yrs just to gain ACA and I won’t consider back office on the off chance a role in front office opens up)


well i spoke to a friend who works in front office at an IB recently, and she did seem to suggest that hiring will be almost like normal since they would be hiring for people in the next year, when the situation will be a bit bitter. a masters might be good if you really want to do one…i’m sure it can’t go against you! if i were you i’d apply for jobs and maybe masters and see where it takes me. i’m sure you’re in with a chance! good luck!


I’ve actually enrolled on a CFA partnered course in Financial Economics, starting at the end of September. There is only 6 partnered Institutions in the UK, and the MSc courses have to cover 70% of the candidate body of knowledge (that’s the combined material for level 1, 2 & 3 exams) to be eligible for CFA accreditation (that’s not the only requirement - only the elite economics departments are chosen for accreditation).

My background isn’t in Economics, but it is numerical, so I was given a place on the course. Like noob said, it can’t hurt - even if you don’t have success with IB, it’s a strong MSc to have on your CV for other career paths.