MSc as a route into IB?


Hi. I’ve recently graduated with a 2:1 in Economics from Reading. I have 300 UCAS points (3 A-level plus 1 AS). 12 A-C GCSE’s.

Anyway as you would probably agree if I apply to any IB graduate job, I’m not going to get past the online application stage. Although my academic achievements aren’t amazing, I’m still only 20 years old. I am now planning on doing postgraduate studies to better my chances at getting the interviews at investment banks.

The masters I’ve applied for is MSc International Banking and Financial Services and another called MSc International Business and Finance. These are both at the Henley Business School, which from what I have been told is a well respected/prestigious place (obviously no Harvard) to do postgraduate studies of this type.

My question is, is do you think doing this will help me get to the interview stage? I have no problem in applying for graduate jobs in IB, as I’ll still be young.

Thanks guys/girls.




Care to elaborate?


Care to elaborate?


if you want to increase your chances of getting past the online application stage and beyond the first interview, then do your masters in a Target School!!

  1. LSE
  2. Cambridge
  3. Oxford
  4. Imperial (though a lot of technology grad programme)

These four are the top Target Schools for most I-banks. The next tier includes UCL, Warwick followed by a lot of others…
P.S. This is what Bank of America Merrill Lynch told me!


hey man

i agree with the post above…you are gonna have to go to a target school like oxbridgeor LSE…although there are some second tier unis like warwick and durham which are respected

you may want to look at internships as a way in during your masters as you can secure an internship more easier than a grad job in IB


Don’t know - I don’t think it matters …why do you want to do it - you have to work 10-12 hrs per day. And do some work over the w’end? Do you like having spare time ?