MSc Application Question


I have been thinking about doing an MSc and I’ve found a good university that offers a great sounding course butt says the entry requirement is either a first or 2.1 honours degree.

I got a 2.2 for my Ba. Does anyone know if it’s still possible to apply to a uni with a lower grade than usually accepted? Is it something worth negotiating, or is there no chance of getting on to the course?



Well I always thought that the whole idea of a Masters was to make a 2.2 graduate into the equivalent of a 1st graduate, so you should be able to get onto it. Best bet is to email the admissions tutor for the department though.


I would say that although you will have the opportunity to apply for a Masters it may prove difficult to get to that first discussion phase with a 2:2. Have you considered staying in your current university as they may be aware of your other qualities and at least you will be given a chance to put your case forward?
I don’t think it will stop you but it certainly won’t make matters any easier. I’m not sure about the theory of changing a 2:2 to a 1st through a Masters but it may certainly help to make your CV more desirable to employers as they will then be looking at your Masters rather than your degree result as the first thing on your academic record.
Good luck!



I have never heard of a ‘Desmond’ being converted into a 1st by taking a masters. Of course if you are an Oxbridge person then your bachelors will automatically be updated to a masters as long as you do not blot your copy book.
I am in academia and I can say that it is possible to be able to enter a masters course with a 2:2 but the universities that will accept that approach are not viewed by employers as being in the top tier.
Two of my degrees are from Red Brick Universities and they would not allow a 2:2 into a masters course. The strong element of research needed would debar them.
However would not wish to post in such a way as to deter people below a 2:1 from a masters so may be if they were to undertake some work experience then maybe an MBA would be appropriate. If not, then a masters after completing a professional qualification, would be a good option as a better grasp of, and approach to study, will have been developed.